Rising Empower Network Superstar Brad Campbell Spills His Guts…

empower-network-confessionsYep, that’s me: Brad Campbell.

Maxin’ and relaxin’ in my big ol’ home office, which I still have yet to decorate.  To be fair, I’m usually not even in the office, as I prefer my “other” workstation: sitting poolside.


… why don’t I just show you the pool, along with some other pics?  That way you’ll know who the hell you’re talking to.  Click play:

I live a pretty damn good life.  I’m no millionaire, but with the help of Empower Network — which just so happens to be, oh, I don’t know, only the very best money-making movement I’ve ever been a part of — I’m pulling in a comfy 6-figure income.

Here’s proof:

And I’m doing that:

… with zero stress.

… without picking up the phone.

… without drowning in emails.

… without any real day-to-day tasks that I “must do.”

… and with almost no expenses (more on this in a sec).

If, at this point, you’re connecting with me and you think the lifestyle I’m living is pretty damn chill, I’m glad you found this blog.

Obviously, the phrase “The Empower Network Scam” is nothing more than an intriguing title used by dudes like me to get you to click through to their super biased review.

Laugh.  Out.  Loud.

It’s true.  However, I realize that type of marketing is cheap and frustrating.

So I promise, I’ll make it up to you right here, right now.

By the way, at any time along this journey, you can join my Empower Network team for just $25 by going here: www.JoinBradNow.com

Let’s continue.

My objective for this site is simple: make a difference.

And have fun doing it (hence the playful design).

No half-ass reviews where I only state the positives and then demand that you get “all-in.”

No talk about being a wussy.

No mention of 100% commissions.

No selling.  Period.

Instead, I’m gonna CONFESS my 6-figure strategy.  Yup.  I’ll walk you through the steps I take to make big boy commissions inside Empower Network:


(Hear that cha-ching?  That’s the sound of empowerment.)

And you, my virtual buddy, can “copy my mojo.”

If you’re still on the fence about joining Empower Network, this might sway your decision to run with me.

If you’re already on another team, you’re welcome.

And even if you never join, you’ll be able to replicate this formula to sell lots of shit online.  Whatever that shit may be.

You picking up what I’m putting down?

Cool, so I’ll start by addressing the whole SCAM thing, then I’ll get into how you can promote this thing like a digital profit pimp…


From time to time, you might see some negative Empower Network reviews.

Some haters will try to convince you it’s a pyramid scheme or at least an illegitimate business opportunity where you stand almost no chance of making any significant money.

Let me clear up some of the lesser known facts behind these claims.

Regarding The Empower Network Scam & Pyramid Scheme Claims:

Just to recap…

Yes, Empower Network has real products with real value that people really use, as customers, to build OTHER businesses with.

And secondly, most overly cynical reviews are written with ulterior motives in mind.

These bloggers are posing as “good guys” who’re simply going outta their way to save you from the evil Empower Network scam, when, in reality, all they’re doing is whoring out the Empower Network keywords and using controversy to boost their rankings so they can sell you more non-Empower Network crap.

Sorry, but more often than not, that’s the truth.

Now.  With that said, I’m definitely not saying that you should blindly believe or trust in all the overly positive reviews, either.

Those are biased for sure.

I mean, any Empower Network affiliate is obviously gonna do whatever they can to get you to buy products from them.  Some, unfortunately, cross the line and use marketing that’s extremely misleading.

So take EVERY review with a massive grain of salt.

Awesome.  With that out of the way, I’ll now do my best to show you exactly how I’m making over $30,000 per month promoting Empower Network.

Last month, for example, was June 2013…

Throughout the course of June, my simple little Empower Network blog pulled down a little over $35,000 — with about $26,000 of that being straight Empower Network commissions and about $9,000 being other affiliate commissions and a new Empower Network coaching client I picked up from the blog.

Not bad considering that’s almost all profit, right?

Here’s what income like that gets you:

Yep, on the Top 10 Income Earners Leaderboard.

But the question is: how am I achieving such massive results from blogging?  Glad you asked.

Here’s how…

My Empower Network Blog Strategy:

You see, when you target the right “pocket of people” with your Empower Network blog, you’re already way ahead of the competition.

For two reasons: 1) it allows you to rank higher, faster and 2) it allows you to convert your blog visitors into high-value lifelong customers.

Most Empowered bloggers struggle to ever make a sale.


Because they’re aimlessly publishing random, non-targeted content that speaks to nobody, never gets ranked, and sure as hell never converts.

My formula is simple:

Determine who wants to buy what you’re selling (in this case, the Empower Network products), serve THEM – and only them – then watch your commissions trickle in.

If it sounds too good to be true, it isn’t.

Succeeding with this stuff is a lot like weight loss: the concept is very simple, but carrying out the steps day after day is too hard for most people.

Yet, some go on to make dramatic weight loss transformations, losing hundreds of pounds, changing their life forever, and never looking back.

The majority of others, however, fail miserably.

They can’t put down the fork.

Blogging is no different.  I’ll show you what you need to do each day, but you gotta do it.

If not, no business opportunity – not even the Empower Network – will set you free.  No one’s responsible for the success of your internet business but you.  Remember that.

Should you decide to join my Empower Network team, I’ll give you everything I got in terms of mentoring, but I expect the same in return.

If you’re not willing to provide an all-out effort, sit this one out.

Questions, comments, feedback?  Please direct them to my primary blog, LAZYMLM.com…

See you there.  Thanks for your time.

Empower Network Superstar,

Brad Campbell

P.S. – Here’s what my direct deposits looked like last week after expenses and fees were taken out (these results are NOT typical, but at least you can see what’s possible):